The quality and frequency of CPD that teachers receive can be measured on a scale of dismal and seemingly pointless hours of INSET days (see a great post on this from @learningspy)  right through to those memorable experiences that can offer a true and real impact on both pedagogy and practice. I am not claiming at this point, that all such experiences are without value, far from it, just that some need to reach far beyond the traditional notion of ‘inflicting’ it upon teachers and engage the willing audience in an honest way in areas that really matter. Unfortunately, I’m certain that we have all experienced both; which is where @pedgoo comes in to its own.  

Like a superhero in the throws of a crime wave, pedagoo breaks through the (sometime) monotony of CPD and actively encourages teachers to invest their own time and passion into an event which brings them together from afar. Such a simple idea and one that we try and embed within our pupils every day, the desire to learn, be better; yet too often forgotten and left to others. Having been to two of these events, I have been lucky enough to see some truly inspiring teachers who, in a situation where role and responsibility are left at the door, are simply enthused about the things that work in their own classrooms (yes, they do still teach – a telling point!) and are willing to share, help and foster their own passion within other teachers.

Most recently at #Pedagoolondon I was able to spend my day exploring Manglish, an approach to literacy across the curriculum ,  Debunking theory in Education and exploring the Anatomy of an Outstanding Lesson; topped articulatly with the wise words of John Tomsett and, all of this on a Saturday! Who’d have thunk it? I even managed a session of my own, discussing a little of  ‘what I do’, based on the work of Ian Gilbert and his THUNKs.

Personally, I think that Pedagoo and its champions Kenny Piper and Fearghal Kelly have a great deal to offer to teachers; regardless of their experience or knowledge; it is there to ‘open your mind’, engage your passion and challenge you to be the best that you can be. Pedagoo is, in its most simplistic form; by teachers, for teachers and regardless of your input, be it #pedagoofriday on twitter or travelling 100 miles to experience the event, pedagoo hits the spot that other CPD often does not.